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" DEMO " AirePos POS Software Single Station Online Version " Demo "

Windows XP PRO & 2000 Documents: (TXT) Read Me | ( PDF ) Getting Start | Setting | IIS | Server_version_Readme.txt
Windows Vista Setup For AirePos Step1.Get AirePos Software Step2. Install IIS Step3. Setup IIS & POS Software.
Software Demo Version: Demo AirePos POS Single Station Online Version
More AirePos Point of Sale Manuals & Troubleshooting Document:
1. How to Add a new Product ?
2. How to setup Epson TM88 Series printers with AirePos Software?
3. How to Unlock My Employee Account Lock Up ?
4. POS Data Modify or Input Problems ?
5. Wups...... I delete my manager account ? what should I do ?
6. How to start AirePos Software ?
7. How to find and modify and install Software Step by step ?
8. How to install AirePos Software into Windows Vista business edition?
Windows Vista Setup For AirePos Step1.Get AirePos Software Step2. Install IIS Step3. Setup IIS & POS Software.
8. How to install AirePos Software into Windows 7 Professional ?
Windows 7 Professional Setup For AirePos Step1.Get AirePos Software Step2. Read Install instruction.
9. How to Upload a image and Find and modify product into AirePos Software ?
10. How to upload all products image into POS Software ?

:: The New Recently Customer FAQ Log & Tech Support::
How to setup AirePos POS Software for my iPhone and iPad ?

( 1.)
install your AirePos POS software into a desktop PC or laptop and connect it with your LAN network.
( 2.) Check to see AirePos POS Software working on the PC or not ? any problem contact us
( 3.) Next go to Manager menu and go to Store Steup and change pServerName into your computer name or computer ip address and pPrintAtWhere into Server.
( 4.) Make sure that your iPhone or iPad connect to your LAN Netowkr and Let's use the iphone or ipad to Run AirePos POS Software and start doing business.
open iPhone Safari and type http://airepos pos software hosting PC ip address or computer name here/airepos

For example: if AirePos Software hosting computer name is POS1 and it is like this http://POS1/airepos

Ps: if you see any "Localhost" in your iPhone or iPad, you just need to change it into AirePos POS Hosting computer name or ip address.

You can try AirePos Live anywhere Service at
if you already have product load into local airepos pos software and like to load into AirePos Live anywhere Service at
you just need to upload your local AirePos Database at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AirePos\database\airepos.mdb to us and we will load into AirePos Live anywhere Service at for you and all FREE service.

that's it and enjoy this wonderful Software.


The disc you sent has been received and I have set up the program as instructed but I seem to be having some problem in accessing the POS feature. I open the program and log into the manager access page,all the the manager options work fine, I do not know how to open the employee and sales pages. The PDF help pages show the POS features but I do not see how to open them. Please let me know if this software does have the capability to run all the screen-shots I see in the eBay listing. If so, what do I need to access the options other than the mgmt screen? Thank You

Answer: Dear customer, I believe that first employee default password is always 123 when employee login, please input 123 for employee functions. yes this software can do it all. any problem let me know or you can check here. by the way if employee does not logout by click exit and employee will get lock out next time login. see here for more FAQ how to unlock employee ?!! Please feel free to try our AirePos Online version for Free.

What if I reformat my pc. The thing is, I'm taking the computer to Afric, and i will face a problem if i have to reinstall the software and i do not have the CD KEY. Would I be able to reuse the CD KEY again in the same computer?

Answer: Dear customer, Yes you can reinstall into the PC and the CD Key is build into the software. there is no worry about reinstall into your PC. but you only can install into 1 PC. it is single version. if you want install many PC, you will need to get server version from us. thanks However we does not sell server version on eBay so you will need to contact us.
Question: how to import alot product or item information into AirePos POS database
I installed the software, but I'm not not able to open or download the restaurant section or the menu, I can only add items or employees, can you please show me how to do it?
Thank You.

Answer: Dear customer,
here is a way to do it.but you must know how to use Microsoft access
this software database is locate at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AirePos\database\airepos.mdb
you can use Microsoft access to open it and import item data into products table.
please make sure that you input data into correct column in products table.
you can look at the item you add and how it match the products  table column.

for more software guide line check here


 When i start the program it always start with manager account i have a password which i enter and then it take to me main menu, can you inform how can i start selling from manager account.
open browser and type in http://localhost/airepos/
then input employee password
only employee mode can do check out

 How to enable IIS in windows Vista and Windows 7 ?


Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 is the web server software included with Windows. IIS isn’t installed by default when you install Windows. Below is a simple guide about how to install IIS7 and setup asp in windows 7.

1.Click the Start button , click Control Panel, click Programs and Features, and then click Turn Windows features on or off.If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

2.In the list of Windows features, select Internet Information Services, and then click OK.

Then,in the list of Windows features, click the plus sign (+) next to Internet Information Services, click the plus sign (+) next to World Wide Web Services, click the plus sign (+) next to Application Development Features, select the dynamic content features you want to install, and then click OK.

3.Go to Control Panel again,select Administrative Tools,double clicke IIS Manger to configure IIS 7.
4.Select Default Web Site,then double click ASP.
5.Enable  Parent Paths for ASP then click Apply

6.You can modify Default Document by clicking Default Document,modify binding port by clicking Bindings…,modify the phisical web path by clicking Advanced Settings… .
7.Type localhost or in you IE or Firefox to see the results.

 How to install POS Software into Windows Vista or Windows 7 ?
 Ans: check out this video and you will have very good idea how to do it.
Detail Setup can refer to this video
Due to MSI file expire in above video so we remove it and we provide other manual way to install it.
Please Register your Software online with your software license key
to get new Window 7 installation steps or your Hard Copy Software CD has a folder call Windows_7_Pro_Install with all the step by step install detail and all the files to install into your windows 7.
If you can not find your software license key, Please email your reseller to ask for it.

Do i need to register my pos software ?
Ans: Yes ! you need to register here at so you will get all new functions in the future and some are free.
Important notice 1:
Windows 7 64 BIT Software must do following
if you windows 7 is 64 bits , you will need to do this

To enable 32-bit applications on 64-bit :

  1. In IIS Manager, select Application Pools.
  2. In the list of Application Pools, select the Defaultapppool.
  3. right clicks, select Advanced Settings .
  4. Expand the General settings, set Enable 32-bit Applications to True, and click OK.
Important notice 2:
If you have install problem, please check following
Do you have this folder exist ?

Do you see following three folder and files exist in those folder ?

what do you see when you type in http://localhost/

Did you open everyone permission to all those folders ?

let us know and we will try to help you find the problem
One of our contract in USA Tech support email is

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